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OH Buoyant Rock


We think Pumice is a pretty cool addition to any mineral collection.
Pumice, a very light-colored, frothy volcanic rock, is formed from lava full of gas. As the lava hurtles through the air during an eruption, it cools, and the gases escape, leaving the rock full of holes.

Pumice is so light that it floats on water. Some ocean-related volcanoes have produced what is known as pumice rafts — actual floating mini islands made of rock. These pumice islands can exist for years, drifting along the ocean currents. Some may have been responsible for the distribution of island-hopping animals and plants in the Pacific Ocean. Some pumice islands have had plants growing on them.

Kit includes one piece of pumice and a fact card.

3.5x6" peggable card.

Part of Copernicus Toys Compact Curiosities line.