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Tektite - Impact Stone


Wow! Rocks made from meteors smashing into earth! The only thing cooler than that is having some. We make it easy and fun with a great sample. Includes information.

What are tektites?
Tektites are silicate glass most likely formed when meteorites collide with terrestrial (Earth) rocks. The impact of a large meteorite creates enough energy to melt soil and rocks. The material from an impact is projected over great distances. It rapidly melts, then quickly cools, forming tektites.

Where are tektites found?
Tektites are scattered across the globe in “strewnfields”—a term that describes the limited area in which a material has fallen to the ground. All pieces found in an area share age ranges and chemical composition, so the same impact event likely creates them. The largest strewnfield is in Australasia—the Indochinese peninsula (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and southern parts of China), the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia. The second largest strewnfield is in North America, with tektites scattered through Georgia and Texas. These tektites are most likely from the Chesapeake Crater. The Czech Republic has green moldavite tektites from the Ries Crater in Germany. The Ivory Coast has tektites from the Bosumtwi Crater in Ghana. Many other smaller strewnfields are found around the world.

3.5x6" peggable card.

Part of Copernicus Toys Compact Curiosity line.